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Arranging Love in Urban India

Long gone are the days when parents decided literally everything for their children. Nowadays, it is children who take crucial decisions for themselves as independent adults. Of course, the execution of most of these decisions happens after subsequent consultation and affirmation from parents.

Marriage, or for that matter, getting married to someone, is a massive decision. It is after this decision that life takes a huge turn and changes almost completely. Adults in urban India decide for themselves whom they would want to spend their lives with. Like some vital decisions related to their professional lives, adults invest patience and a whole lot of quality time into deciding their soul mate, their life partner.

The Generation Of Today:

The generation today has grown healthily, and quite positively, into analyzing and experimenting things on their own and confidently placing their opinions. It is when satisfaction and a sense of belongingness strikes them, that they regard a certain someone as their partner. In fact, parents from both the parties are involved when both the individuals are affirmative about themselves and about each other.

In the present times, love is not just devotion and commitment. It is also independence and freedom. They go out looking for like-minded individuals whom they can share their interests or hobbies with. In other words, they seek enjoyment, satisfaction, understanding and solace in their life partner. Urban India is very keen on trying and testing and thus, before making things official, most individuals prefer knowing the person and feeling the vibe.

The idea of trying and testing a certain someone for that “Special Someone” space not just prevails in love marriages but is also evident in arranged marriages. The only difference between the two is the involvement of parents. In arranged marriages, individuals meet the person of their parents’ choice but invests enough time into getting to know them and showcasing themselves to that person. This is key in building the basis of any relationship and the adults of the present times just manage to get it.

How The Art Of Living Matrimony is a safe platform for individuals to meet and connect?

The Art Of Living Matrimony is an online matrimony platform in India that embraces the interests of urban India as separate individuals as well as encourages the same when it comes to finding ‘The Perfect One’. Here, you are free to display your areas of interests and meet the people of your choice keeping into consideration the privacy of both the parties. We are a whole new world for you to connect with people that share similar beliefs and opinions in a safe and healthy manner.

The Art of Living Matrimony has phone number verified profiles, which helps you find your perfect match with ease and faith. One can chat with other members and can get to know them and about their family.

It gives us a sense of pride and joy to play cupid in your love story. Since our inception, we’ve weaved innumerable success stories with people who are leading the life of their dreams with their partner.

Getting out into the world and waiting for some miracle to occur is too mainstream and boring. Wouldn’t you want to find the person of your dreams yourself? Come, register at The Art Of Living Matrimony and allow us to be your travel partner as you set on this journey to find the perfect one!


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