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A Mother’s Advice To Her Daughter On Choosing A Life Partner

Mothers. They always know it. They just manage to it. Somehow. Some way. And who better than our mothers to talk to about finding/choosing a life partner?

Given below are few advices about choosing a life partner by all the beautiful mommies out there. Check it out.

1. Look for Like-Mindedness:

Do you share similar values and opinions? Are you or are you not having a hard time understanding his point of view about certain things? Can you seek comfort in being different and your true self when you’re with him?

While interests, likes and dislikes play a crucial role, what is of most importance is whether you share similar views when it comes to making some big decisions of life. Like having a child or moving to a new city. Are you both practical and compatible enough to resolve issues sportingly? Check and analyse.

  1. Can you both find the balance?

Every person has flaws and strengths. Your partner will too. And so, will you. Challenge is how are you both managing to lead your best life by balancing them?

For example,

You might not like keeping financial records, making investments or dealing with the bank. Can you partner do it? Meanwhile, can you manage to take your children to the garden on an early weekend morning so that your partner can sleep a little longer?

That is how it goes. Your strengths compensate for his flaws and vice versa.

  1. Perfect doesn’t exist:

It doesn’t. No person is perfect. We are all a glorious mess. Embrace your partner’s shortcomings. Accept them for what they are. Don’t indulge yourself into setting unrealistic standards. Mark healthy boundaries and look out for basic qualities like honesty, reliability, emotional sustainability, etc.

  1. Are you both compatible?

There is a very common saying that goes around as ‘Opposites Attract’. Well yes, they do. There’s thrill to it. But compatibility is equally vital. Check whether your partner fits naturally in your life.

Do your weekend plans match? Is he okay with your idea of liking blue and are you okay with his idea of liking pink? Has he got your back and vice versa? Can you be your true self when you’re with him?

It is very essential for both of you to be comfortable with each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses to lead a satisfactory and a happy life.

  1. Don’t try to change:

Yourself as well as him. You both can always get better things. The fact that some qualities cannot be changed and that all qualities might not make you happy cannot be denied. What if something your partner does pisses you off but makes him happy? Are you willing to take it? Long story short, are you willing to make a perfect world with your not so perfect partner?

  1. Love them. But also, like them:

And “liking them” means liking them for the kind of a person they are. You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person. Does his presence make you nervous? Can you be your true self when he is around? Does he make you laugh? Is your heart happy when you are with him? Do you both enjoy each other’s company?

Most importantly, are you willing to invest in this relationship even when it gets hard to love and like them?

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