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Role of Parents in Choosing Their Child’s Life Partner

Long story short. Parents have much little to do when it comes to choosing their child’s life partner. Why and how? Let’s discuss!

Parents, especially Indian parents, believe in controlling the life of their child right from the start. Most parents withdraw this habit as soon as the child gets married. Fewer parents continue to dominate/claim authority over their child even after marriage.

Current Scenario:

Most parents believe that keeping their child within a certain set of boundaries is a synonym for good parenting/upbringing. That’s true but only up to an extent. Parents need to realise when to stop and should sportingly allow their child to explore the world on their own.

Amidst all this, parents begin to feel and believe that choosing a life partner for their child is also their responsibility. And this belief comes not only with insecurity or over caring, but also comes with several factors among which societal norms or “Log Kya Kahenge?” ranks number one.

This is what triggers insecurity in the minds of parents. Parents think that if they do not supervise, their children will take a wrong move while he/she decides to choose their life partner, and the society will be offended with it. Which is why parents feel that they should take charge and save the damage by finding a partner that fits well within the societal norms and the family.

Role of the parents:

It is very healthy for both, parents as well as the child, to realise and understand that the son/daughter is going to grow and will begin to challenge the authority of his parents. Such individuals grow up to independent and confident individuals who believe in themselves.

This psyche evolves them into an upright and practical being. Thus, when a decision as important as finding a life partner for themselves pops up, they want the time and the space to understand and do things at their pace. Parents are well-wishers. Of course, they can suggest and advice their child, and save them from getting engaged in a toxic relationship. But at the end of it all, it is the child who must/should take the final call.

Parents might know their children in and out but for a decision he/she should be given time and should be allowed to take an independent decision. This certainly does not mean that parents must entirely neglect their child and his doings, or the child must disregard his parents while taking a call. Giving them a free and healthy atmosphere instead of a suffocating or a suppressing one will work wonders and motivate the child to open in front of his parents.

On the other hand, it is the child who is going to spend the entire life with that partner. It’s only basic that he should be granted freedom and comfort while choosing one. Afterall, after getting married, life takes a massive turn. Traveling that path with a person of choice will lead to a happy and stable relationship and will keep the marriage alive.

How the Art of Living Matrimony helps?

We strongly support the idea of allowing individuals to feel and vibe when they meet and interact with people. Thus, we have created a healthy, positive and safe platform for people to meet like-minded individuals, get to know them in their own pace and then decide for themselves.

There is nothing such a “perfect life partner”. Choose a partner that makes your life perfect. Caste barriers or not, The Art of Living Matrimony is a safe abode that preserves your interests and helps you meet “The One”.


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