Finding the Right Partner

Sometimes, choosing the right life partner is as difficult as deciding what to wear and sometimes, it is as easy as changing socks! Well, the above statement lowers the magnitude of our topic of discussion but hey, what’s all the fuss about? It isn’t really Rocket Science, is it? But it’s very crucial to be patient and be optimistic because you are going spend your entire life with that person.

If you love that person, enjoy spending time with that person, embrace that person’s strengths as well as weaknesses and all your feelings are reciprocated well, then why worry, right? Long story short, there’s more to it than we can imagine or put into words. anyway, let’s discuss ways in which you can find the RIGHT PARTNER.

Have you learned from your past? Analyse!
The past always teaches us good lessons. Have you had relationships that you saw your future in but somehow something went wrong? Did you trust the wrong person? Did you look for love in that person all along only to realize that they didn’t feel the same about you?

Please note. It happens and its okay. But don’t allow that past to tag along into your present (and your future). Learn from it. If you’ve tried to find love in various people, try to analyse what was common in them. What made it all fall apart? What were your expectations? Where did you fall short? In the process, did you degrade yourself to meet that person’s expectations? If yes, don’t do that again.

It’s time to learn, move on and bloom in love!

Are you ready? Reality check!

There’s a very popular saying that goes around. Fall in love when you’re ready and not lonely. Falling in love is beautiful, is magical, but it is also exhausting and demanding. Question is, are you ready to fall into this beauty of love? Feeling loved, getting attention and all that is fine. But are you ready to tackle the challenges it has to offer?

Most importantly, are you ready to love and not lose yourself in the process of loving and saving someone else?

It is vital to understand that loving someone begins with loving one’s self. And that happens when you enjoy your company and know yourself completely. Time has it, self-enough individuals could love selflessly, fully and completely.

Remember not to “fall” in love but “grow” in love.

Intimacy has a whole new definition.

Be in love with someone who loves you beyond your perfect figure and happy days. Be in love with someone who loves you equally deeply and passionately even on your sad and ugly days. Be in love with someone who is healthy for your mental state.

The right partner could be amazing in bed but his/her ability to understand you would be a cherry on the top!

Get to know that person and expect the same.

Each day in your relationship with that person whom you see your future in will be about getting to know him. Get to know how he reacts when he’s angry. Get to know what he does when he’s upset. Know how he manages to tackle a situation. Get to know not just the huge things but the little things about him.

But. Also see if he’s putting equal efforts into getting to know you. Even if he’s knowing you, check whether he’s respecting you for being ‘YOU’. Is he trying to change you? Is that person asking you to like coffee suddenly because you like tea and they like coffee? If yes, you might want to rethink!


Finding the right partner is very important and is fully in your control. Speak to your closest family members or your best friend regarding the same. At some time in your relationship, you might have a hundred reasons to give up on that person and move on but if you still find that one reason to be with them (and if it’s worth it), you know they are the one!

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