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What does a Gujarati Bride wear in her Wedding?

What I wore in my Big Fat Gujarati wedding looked simply superb when I saw my wedding pics. The Pure white Panetar and the bright red Gharchola brought lovely wedding glow on my face. My partner was in his traditional Dhoti-Kurta with a bandhni dupatta around his neck.

A Gujarati Wedding is what you call a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ in its truest sense. Weddings in our culture are like festivals. Full of colours, vibrant and so much fun not missing out on the yummy delicacies! Like all other weddings, the centre of attraction is the bride’s dress!

Everything a Gujarati bride wears has a deep significance and is considered as a symbol of good luck during the wedding rituals. Let us take a quick look into it!

The Mandatory Attire:

A Gujarati bride is known to wear a Panetar and a Gharchola on her D-Day. These attires hold immense significance during the wedding rituals. The Panetar sari is gifted to the Bride from her maternal uncle which she wears throughout her wedding.

At the end of the wedding, the Bride wears the Gharchola which is a gift to her from her in-laws. The Bride usually wears this during her bidaai which signifies her first step into her new family.

Nowadays, the Bride covers her head with the Gharchola chunni which is paired with the Panetar sari.

The Look and Feel:

Panetar, the sari gifted to the Bride, is a simple and elegant attire. The border is red in colour which symbolises the colour of joy and prosperity. The body is white in colour and may or may not consist of a dotted pattern or a grid or simply checks.

As compared to the Panetar, the Gharchola is vibrant and is made of silk and zari thread. It has rich and vibrant red/maroon patterns.

Patan Patola:

The Patan Patola is a glorious sari of the premium kind that holds immense historic value. Due to this, they are also passed down to generations of the ladies in the family. These saris are extremely expensive and form an integral and vital part of the Gujarati culture.

Due to the grandeur of this sari, not many Gujarati families can afford it.

Current Gujarati Bridal Fashion:

Although the colour red is highly associated with the Bride’s attire on her wedding day, in the current times, brides opt for colours like Rose Peach, Green, Magenta Red, etc. Some brides wear the Panetar Sari paired with the Gharchola Chunni whereas some other go for the lehenga wherein the chunni is draped in the traditional Gujarati style.

Accessories For The Added Gorgeousness:

Jewellery is an important part of the Bride’s attire just like snacks are important in the house of a Gujarat family. The Bride’s attire is complemented greatly with Kundan, Gold and Diamond Ornaments. The Bride’s hair is braided or secured into a bun with an elegant hairstyle after which her head is covered with the saree pallu or a dupatta or a chunni.

A Matha tikka is worn with a Bindi which glorifies the entire bridal look. Other pieces of jewellery like bangles, toe rings, nose ring/nath and earrings complement the look greatly. Some brides also wear a Bajuband or armlet on their forearm.

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