How Relationships help us Grow

You become the best version of yourself when you grow together. This might seem like a quote picked up from an old pile of books, typically meant for someone who is looking for words of advice from a relationship self-help book, but you will only understand it when you experience it. The synergy that comes from nurturing someone you love is greater and more beautiful than something you might have achieved alone.

Growth through Positivity

When you are together, you are more inclined towards helping each other grow. Yes, it is necessary to spend some time alone, contemplating your life and personality, but you cannot deny the fact that it is equally important to have someone who you can grow along with. At times, your partner sees more positivity in you, which encourages you to take on bigger responsibilities. Their understanding of you also helps you to be kind and confident. For example, you’re always conscious about your complexion, but your partner says that he finds it attractive instead. This will boost your confidence level and you will invariably have a positive attitude in life.

Exploring new avenues and opportunities

When you have a loving partner, he/she introduces you to new experiences that you might have never had before. It is through them, that you unfold new opportunities or indulge in an activity that you never knew you would love to explore. For example, your partner loves going on treks, you would not have understood the pleasure of trekking, but you experienced it after your partner influenced you. This helps you to expand  yourself and grow each day, learning more and more about yourself and your partner.

Getting introduced to good habits

If you experience challenges in handling a certain kind of situation or if you want to change negative patterns in your life, your inner relationship will help you look at different ways in which you can change yourself. If your partner has some good habits, it may be anything, from waking up early in the morning or being organized, you get influenced by it which further helps towards enhancing your own personality. Any good habit, though how small it may be, it positively impacts your mind and further enhances your relationship.

Taking up new challenges

There is nothing as comforting as feeling safe and accepted in a relationship. The constant support you receive from your partner, encourages you to take up new challenges. Your relationship provides a practical support that allows you to pursue goals that you had in your mind but were scared to dive into. For example, you wanted to quit your job to start your own business but feared about the financial imbalance it might create in the initial period. With a partner who understands and supports you, you will be motivated to take a stride and start your own business as you can rely on your partner’s income. The ultimate objective is to build a bond that helps you grow.

The Art of Living Matrimony works towards bringing together two souls that share a divine connection. Life partners who bond through our initiative, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They bring a sense of peace, calmness, and happiness when they are together. Such couples grow into beautiful individuals which is the most significant goal of marriage.


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