Importance of Haldi in an Indian Wedding

November marks the beginning of Wedding season in India. There are diverse traditions in India and every tradition/culture has a unique style of wedding. One common ceremony that is followed by many traditions is the Haldi (Turmeric) Ceremony. Applying Haldi is an age-old tradition in the Indian culture that is being followed by many decades. Let’s take a look at why Haldi or Turmeric is applied to the Bride and Groom before the Wedding.

The Ceremony

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Haldi Ceremony is celebrated by the Bride and Groom family on the day of the wedding or a day before the wedding. The relatives (all the women) grind the Turmeric 2-3 days before the wedding singing songs related to Turmeric and how it will keep the bride and the groom happy for their upcoming life.

If the ceremony is happening a day before the wedding, all the ladies (aunts and cousins) in the family apply Haldi to the bride and the groom in their house. If it is happening on the wedding day, it’s a time-consuming process because women from both the families (bride and groom’s) will apply haldi to the couple.

Why is Turmeric Used in Indian Weddings

Auspicious: Turmeric is considered auspicious and is used in many rituals in India. It is considered as a symbol of Purity and Good health.

For that Glow: Turmeric has anti-aging properties. It is very good for your skin and gives a nice glow to the face. Applying it a day before ensures that the bride and groom look fresh throughout the wedding.

True Blessing: It is a symbol of blessing to the couple that they will lead a healthy and prosperous life. All the women of the house apply Haldi and wish the couple, a happy married life.

Heart Purifier: Haldi is said to purify your heart and soul. It is said that using Haldi in the wedding ceremony will purify the heart and soul of the couple as they enter a new life.

Protection Against Evil: It is said that applying turmeric paste to the couple will protect them from any bad omen that can cause issues in their wedding. It is also said that the bride and groom should not leave their house 2-3 days before their wedding to avoid any bad omen.

Health/Skin Benefits: One of the best antiseptic that there is, Turmeric has always won when it comes to medicinal properties. Turmeric is said to have a compound called Curcumin which fights against headaches/anxiety which could be a problem with bride or groom due to tension.

Up until the 80’s, Turmeric was not considered to be of any use in Allopathy.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji shares one such incident that took place in 80’s in a conference in New Delhi. As the discussion of turmeric came up, all the allopathic doctors said that turmeric has no value, it is just a pigment. They dismissed the Ayurvedic doctors who said that turmeric is a Vayosthapan, which means it arrests ageing, and it creates the more Ojus (vitality) in your system. This is what the Ayurvedic doctors kept saying but the allopathic doctors said that it is all total nonsense.

Today allopathy has recognized that turmeric does the job of 19 lifesaving drugs including cancer. Turmeric is an anti-viral agent if you have viral fever. Usually allopathic doctors say that there is no medicine for viral fever, just take some fresh turmeric with fresh lime, and that will do.

In India, we make pickles of turmeric, ginger and lemon, and this is the best. Turmeric is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and an antioxidant. It does the work of aspirin, it is blood thinner, and it stops blood coagulation. It does the work of 19 important lifesaving drugs.


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