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Important Conversations Before Tying The Knot

Communication is key in any relationship. Never underestimate the power of ‘The Talk’ to break a problem, get you out of a dilemma or simply make things clear. Talking is especially and very crucially important before you are planning to tie the knot with someone. It helps you to get to know them, their views on certain things, about their family and friends and most importantly, what kind of a person are they.

Given below are few important conversations that you need to have with your partner before tying the knot.

  1. Habits:

Habits speak a lot about a person. It also gives some information about the kind of the person they are, and the company they keep. While you might really like them as a human being, but some of their habits might piss you off and they can’t help it because you know, habits are stubborn. Tell your partner about your habits, if you like reading at night before you sleep or use your phone in the washroom or sing in the shower, etc. You will be spending your entire life with that person. Give them a heads-up.

Meanwhile, it is not silly to expect the same from them. Ask them about their drinking/smoking habits or any habits in general. Get to know if either of you will be okay with these habits. A few adjustments here and there are totally fine. What you need to know is how is it going to be with that person.

  1. Career Goals:

This is super important. You need to know about their goals and how passionate they are towards it. It is an adventure to spend your entire life with someone who has a passion. And the best thing is that they would motivate you to follow yours. Ask them whether they are happy with the job they’re doing. Get to know how they unraveled this passion. Also remember that they need to have a job that would draw in a fix income to run a household.

  1. Finances:

A passionate person would find a way to get out of the mess, if at all, and win bread. If the person is hard working, he can achieve anything. Do they have financial goals? Are they generous and humble? Plan on how you will both manage your finances to get the best of the world for yourselves. You both will have to be a team to live the life of your dreams. Is your partner open to opinions? Does he respect your choices?

  1. Parents:

Long gone are the days when only the men were meant to take responsibility of their parents. The women of today have the power to take financial and emotional responsibility of their parents too! Talk to your partner about it. Ask him if he will be supportive in this decision. Ask her if she will be okay with the idea of taking care of his parents. Talk it out. It is super helpful.

  1. Domestic Chores:

Times have changed. Men and women both make money. Men and women both manage the household. Understand if your to-be-husband is supportive towards this idea. Whether he is willing to contribute his part. Bring about a practical discussion and see how either of you take it.

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