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Understanding the Unique Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian Weddings are well-known for their line-up of rituals and traditions. Every ritual or tradition therein has been initiated by our ancestors and is practiced sincerely till date. Although time has witnessed minor variations in these rituals, every single one of them restores its own meaning and significance. Let us know about these rituals and explore their true essence.

  1. Mehendi To Relax Cold Feet:

There is a lot that goes around the Mehendi/Henna Ceremony. It is believed that darker the colour of the henna, deeper will be the love between the bride and the groom.

However, due to its medicinal purposes, it is applied to the feet and the hands which have many nerve endings. The mehendi/henna has a soothing effect over these nerve endings and helps the bride (and the groom) tackle cold feet.

  1. Haldi For The Marriage Glow:

Haldi (Turmeric) has abundant medicinal properties. The “Haldi Paste” used in the ceremony is made using finely ground turmeric, curd, sandalwood and gram flour and is applied to the bride, the groom and their family members respectively on the day of the wedding or a day before the wedding. Haldi moisturizes the skin and keeps the bacteria away. It gives a natural glow to the skin and prepares both the families for the special day!

  1. The Sacred Holy Fire (Havan) To Bring In Positivity:

Rituals on the wedding day are performed in the presence of the “Holy Fire” (Havan). The fire is made up using sandalwood and ghee while the bride and the groom, and other guests add rice and other ingredients at regular intervals. It is meant to be sacred because the smoke keeps the evil and negativity at bay to bless the newlyweds with positivity and prosperity.

  1. Applying Vermillion (Sindoor) For Intimacy:

The groom applies vermillion to the bride’s forehead in between the partition of her hair, when they get married. The bride then applies it for the rest of her married life. The vermillion is a mix of turmeric, alum and other herbal ingredients. It has anti-stress properties and is known to evoke sexual intimacy in the couple.

  1. The Seven Pheras For Seven Unbreakable Vows:

The couple walks in circles around the sacred fire seven times. Each phera (round) dictates an unbreakable vow the bride and the groom give each other.

  • The First Phera: For abundance in food and prosperity in life.
  • The Second Phera: For a mentally and physically peaceful life with each other.
  • The Third Phera: For spiritual compatibility between the two.
  • The Fourth Phera: For a joyous and satisfactory life.
  • The Fifth Phera: For the well-being of all living organisms and healthy children.
  • The Sixth Phera: For togetherness in every joy as well as sorrow.
  • The Seventh Phera: For love, patience, understanding and compassion in this new journey of life.

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