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Advices Parents Should Give Their Daughters Before Their Marriage

A marriage is a life-changing decision not just for the newlyweds, but also both the families. While everyone is excited and thrilled during this sacred union, the Bride is full of nervousness and anxiety. This anxiety comes from her thought of becoming a wife, building a family, raising a child and so much more.

It is very crucial, and healthy, if parents indulge into a positive conversation with their soon-to-be married daughter. There’s obviously a lot going on in her mind and talking would help her greatly.

Here are a few advices that parents can give their daughters right before marriage which will in turn make her feel cared for and relax her on her D-day.

  1. “Your self-respect is of utmost importance”:

Many a times, humans, especially women, tend to give a huge and irreplaceable part of themselves in the process of loving someone. Their partner’s happiness, or for that matter, their in-law’s happiness becomes their happiness. And amidst all this, they make a habit out of adjusting and compromising even if that comes at the cost of their self-respect.

Parents should talk to their daughters about considering their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Anything that hampers this is not what they deserve. They deserve all the warmth, love and respect and they should never settle for less.

  1. “You have to be financially independent”:

Growing to be financially independent is as important for her married life as is learning to cook, serve and clean. Parents should raise their daughters to be financially strong and should inculcate within them the thought that she can achieve whatever she wants without being dependent on anyone else or her partner, for that matter.

Also, it keeps her prepared and empowered for the uncertainty of the future.

  1. “Your partner and you are a team. You both work together”:

As and when life progresses, it is not important for the wife/mother to sacrifice. If you work in the kitchen, your partner helps you out. If you have had a bad day, your partner should understand that. If you can’t miss work today and sit back at home to take care of the kids, your partner figures that out with you. Work it out with your partner. Look for this comfort in your partner.

Parents must tell their daughters that they are not just the source of all the love and warmth. They are receivers too and they should treat themselves like one.

  1. “No physical or emotional abuse”:

Love doesn’t come unconditionally. It comes with purity and dedication. Love doesn’t make you insane. It brings sanity. Guide your daughters on not to suffer silently even if they love their partner beyond limits. They will and must stand up when emotionally abused. They must raise their voice when physically hurt.

Daughters should be taught that a marriage is not just her responsibility and compromising up to such an extent is not how it works.

  1. “You are never alone”:

Tell her that even if she is stepping out of your house, she’ll find a home here any day, any time. Motivate her to stay put but also let her know that on days when she craves for fatherly warmth and motherly love, you’ll always have your doors open for her. She might now belong to that house, but this place will always be her home.

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