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Myths Debunked: Online Matrimony Sites Are Safe and We’ll Tell You Why

Easy access to technology and affordable internet rates has made it possible for a majority population to look for a solution to hurdles across the spectrum of life online. And one of the most major issues that have an effective online solution is looking for a life partner. With a bunch of matrimony site in India tailor-made to fit your qualification, caste, religion, profession and even spiritual inclination, weddings that happen through online matrimony sites are on the rise.

But just like anything on the internet, people have their reservations and apprehension regarding its safety and reliability. But fret not, almost all these online matrimony sites are trustworthy, especially the spiritual matrimony sites like our The Art of Living Matrimony. Here are all the myths debunked about matrimony sites in India.

  1. Waste of Time and Effort
    One must understand that there are so many dating sites other than the online matrimony sites, that there is no question that people are using the ones meant for matrimonial purposes for fooling around. Every website boasts of a substantial number of success stories, and they are not making that number up. Even if you observe around you, chances are you are going to find multiple happy couples who will testify that they met through online matrimony sites and are leading a happy satisfied life.

Even spiritual matrimony sites like Art of Living Matrimony connects people on a spiritual basis and is filled with personal testimonials and heartfelt thank you notes.

  1. Unverified and Fraud Profiles
    When these online matrimony sites started out, it was a chaotic market and people were skeptical to rely on them, but these websites have come a long way since. With an increase in demand, they have been pushed to adopt strict processes, and proper checks and balances that ensure weeding out of 100% fraudulent profiles.
  2. Over Persistent Matrimony Agents
    When people were in the phase of accepting this online service, executives were perhaps expected to call and speak to as many people as they could, to spread awareness. But now, when online matrimony sites have established their relevance, there is no reason for the executives to trouble their client. Unless you show interest in them, they don’t bother. Instead, these executives have a strong understanding of their respective database and are supremely helpful in helping you achieve the purpose of registering on a matrimonial website and finding your perfect match.

Spiritual sites, which have been initiated by spiritual organizations, are undoubtedly established in good faith, with pure intentions. And in such a scenario, there is no way for it to become a problem.

  1. Fake Women Profiles
    Just like the fear of fake profiles, people suspecting female profiles being operated by men is a concern that belongs in the past. With proper verification processes, and people registering with serious intentions only, this myth is baseless too.

The Art of Living Matrimony site follows a regular check on all their registered members to ensure nobody on the site suffers any bad experiences.

5. Social Image at Stake
The current generation somehow feels that it is derogatory and embarrassing for them to be registered on online matrimony sites. They are conscious of letting this information out in their social circles. Even if they happen to meet their life partners through online matrimony sites, they often mask it and present it as a family reference. But with lives getting busier, people are beginning to realize that online matrimonial sites have effective algorithms that help narrow down the search, where the chances of meeting like-minded people are very high, thus giving way to a happy and fulfilling life.


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