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Secret of a Long-Lasting Happy Marriage

In this day and age, when everyone’s leading a fast-paced hectic lifestyle, we’re always looking for instant gratification, be it through digital conversations or in our personal lives. This effects modern-day relationships at many levels. It’s important to have a core understanding about the workings of a human mind and responsibilities towards a partner for a happy marriage. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji is a world-renowned spiritual leader who has acquired immense knowledge in the field of human relationships. Here are a few tips for a long-lasting marriage from him which will welcome bounds of happiness and contentment in your marriage!

Commitment, co-operation and compassion

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar believes that it’s essential to trust in the sacred bond of marriage which is pillared on Seven Holy Vows since ancient times. According to him, commitment, co-operation and compassion are the three C’s in a long-term relationship. Partners also need to be patient in every situation and be generous enough for major sacrifices. A strong mind that’s always ready to support each other in times of trouble will enable you to experience the true joy and freedom in a relationship.

Two bodies, one soul

Couples may have two bodies, but it’s vital for them to consider that they possess a common mind and a soul, as suggested by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Understanding each other’s likes, desires, aspirations and dreams is essential for a relationship to blossom in the long run. Being aggressive and demanding can hurt you and its important to stay together in times of celebrations as well as in times of distress.

Possessiveness and appeasement – A big no!

Possessiveness can act as a poison in a relationship. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advices that love can only be experienced in complete freedom. When you become possessive, you start expecting a lot more, and in the process, will bottle-up the aspirations of your partner and instil negativity. Most people like to get pampered and remain upset until their partner appeases them. This, according to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will increase stress levels in a relationship. You cannot be someone who always demands attention just to feed your ego. This will only drain your partner emotionally, which will ultimately affect the bond between the two. Instead, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar suggests that you must please yourself when you are feeling low, rather than spreading negative vibes.

Watch your words and be natural

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also believes that one must use words wisely as they can have a huge impact on the future of a marriage. Never seek explanations or apologies, just move on and let misunderstandings resolve on their own over time. It’s human to err and that’s why, you must forgive your partner and not make them feel guilty of their actions. When someone gets upset, you must give him/her time to get over it. Partners also need to maintain an emotional balance when situations get out of control. It’s vital to be natural when you are trying to build your relationship. Guriji suggests that one must not try too hard to impress. He also recommends yoga and meditation for partners so that they become more patient and forgiving.

3 secrets of a happy marriage

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares three secrets for a happy married life. The first one is that women need to be extremely supportive in every situation. The second one is that men should always respect their partner’s emotions. The third one is that you should never demand a proof for love from your partner. Never ask, ’Do you really love me?’, rather ask ’Why do you love me so much?’ This will improve trust and strengthen your bond, says Guruji.

Hope these valuable tips by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar transforms your relationship beautifully. Wish you a happy, long-lasting marriage!


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