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Meaning Of Seven Vows In Hindi Matrimony

The “Seven Vows” form an important ritual on the wedding day in a Hindu Matrimony. It is when the Bride and the Groom decide to share their life with each other. The vows are exchanged in a sacred and traditional way, that is, “The Saath Pheras”.

Let us get to know these vows and explore the meaning behind each one of them.

  1. The First Vow:

The Groom vows “Om Esha Ekapadi Bhava Iti Prathaman” which means that he will take care of his wife and their children. He shall cherish them and bring food and happiness in the family.

In return, the Bride promises “Dhanam Dhanyam Pade Vadet”. Therein, the Bride vows that she will nurture and nourish the family. She will take care of the household and all other financial responsibilities.

In this phera, the couple promises each other that they shall strive to bring in prosperity in their family.

  1. The Second Vow:

Here, the Groom promises “Om Oorje Jara Dastayaha”. He thereby commits to the Bride that they both, together, shall take care of their family and household. The Bride then promises “Kutumburn Rakshayshyammi Sa Aravindharam”. This means that the She will always be there for him as his strength and will celebrate his happiness.

  1. The Third Vow:

This vow regulates the hope with which the couple starts off their marriage and that is, to grow a family with love and care that is blessed with all the joys and satisfaction. The Groom vows “Om Rayas Santu Joradastayaha” that is, he will strive to bring home wealth and will educate their children to live a quality life. To which, the Bride vows “Tava Bhakti As Vadedvachacha” meaning that she devotes her life to him and that every other man is secondary to her.

  1. The Fourth Vow:

In the Fourth Vow, the Groom prays for a happy and satisfied life together and vows “Om Mayo Bhavyas Jaradastaya” whereas the Bride promises that she shall keep him happy and shall support him in all his endeavours with the vow “Lalayami Cha Pade Vadet”.

  1. The Fifth Vow:

The Groom regards his Bride as his well-wisher and a best friend with the vow “Om Prajabbhyaha Santu Jaradastyaha”. On the other hand, the Bride promises that she shall love him and cherish him for the rest of her life. With the mantra “Arte Arba Sapade Vadet”, she vows that she will honour him and try her best to fulfill all his wishes.

  1. The Sixth Vow:

During the sixth phera, the Groom questions his Bride, “Rutubyah Shat Padi Bhava” meaning “Now that you have walked six steps with me, do you promise to keep me happy and positive for the rest of my life?” to which the Bride says, “Yajna Hom Shashte Vacho Vadet” meaning “I will always be there by your side.”

  1. The Seventh Vow:

“Om Sakhi Jaradastayahga”, vows the Groom. This means that he devotes himself to his Bride and regards her, his for all of eternity. The Bride responds with a promise “Attramshe Sakshino Vadet Pade” which means that God is witness to this union and that they are each other’s now.

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