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Looking for a Forever Partner? Make Way for Art of Living Matrimony and Spiritual Weddings

Humans are social beings, and wanting a lifetime companion is natural. But given the reckless lifestyles, erratic temperaments, and lack of a spiritual direction is causing quite a turmoil in the lives of those who are either looking for a happy marriage or are struggling to keep their marriage alive. An individual’s temperament determines his aptitudes and tendencies. But this nature can be shaped by education, self-discipline, tapas, prayer, yoga and meditation, thus helping the true calm and composed soul emerge.

Submitting to a spiritual path, thus enriching one’s own soul and that of the other partner is a great way to bring peace and harmony. Here’s all you need to know about spiritual weddings, and Art of Living Matrimony.

Spiritual connection leads to harmonious living

Spiritual marriage is best compared to rowing a boat. If you know how to row, you will end up rowing fine no matter the boat. But if you don’t know how to row, then jumping from one boat to another is not going to help. Spiritual marriage is a union of two souls that connect spiritually, which in turn helps them understand each other at a divine level. Spiritual matrimony is when two half-souls become one with a similar set of thoughts, actions and intentions. Imagine meditating together, following a spiritual path hand-in-hand, enhancing each other’s life form and basking in the glory of the divine glow that binds these souls together in a spiritual wedding.

What Art of Living teaches us?

“If you want to marry, look for a good person and get married, don’t be too fussy. If you get someone who is not up to your mark, I tell you, you have the ability to change them,” says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.  While many people spend their energy criticizing and being fussy to pick a partner, they are advised to spend that energy looking for a good soul, who even if not up to the mark, can be shaped, ultimately resulting in overall growth. Spiritual marriage is nothing but a holy union, intended by the almighty lord, where two people engage in each other’s evolution, and focus on building a better, more peaceful world.

The Art of Living Matrimony

Art of Living Matrimony is an online service backed by efficient on-ground presence via workshops to further spiritual marriages. The principle is simple—when two people have the same path and connect on a spiritual level, there is a chance of a healthy and long-lasting spiritual marriage, all to make this world a better place. Thousands of couples in spiritual matrimony have led themselves on a path of happiness and companionship through a spiritual wedding, thanks to the trustworthy Art of Living Matrimony.


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