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To be, or not to be Married

Be Happy: married or not!

Many of us on the spiritual path with dedication to seva, devotion and love for Gurudev enter into a predicament if one wants to really get married or not. Will marriage indicate a failure to devotion and love to Gurudev or the path? will it be a hinderance to the seva or teaching.

Some strongly identify themselves as Brahmachari or aspire to become one; perhaps dream to take sanyas in life. Some have questions regarding sacrifices to seva in marriage. Some even consider them to be a failure when they finally decide to tie the knot. The core central point is NOT “ to marry or not to Marry”; but being in the most suitable, progressive position – and this may differ from individual to individual.

It is possible that full dedication to seva, satsang and sadhana without the duties of a family or responsibilities as a Brahmachari or Sanyasi, offers an extraordinary opportunity for advancement; but many have realised much later that they are not suited for the demands of this lifestyle.

The general process prescribed GENERALLY for ALL, is moving from Grahastha life to Vanaprastha life and finally to Sanyasa and devote oneself to the service of the divine. This general process works for maximum people.

The simple principle is that by marrying one, one feels they can progress on the path of devotion together helping each other grow spiritually, then one must decide and marry the most suitable spouse.

The decision to marry or not to should ideally be made early by understanding oneself clearly with clarity in mind, once the decision is made do not get influenced or pressurised by anyone to change the decision. Write down the decision with a clear mind with the thoughts that brought you to this decision. This will help you remember when the mind is less clear. While making the decision think of all the factors and the impact it will make on all the influencers and near and dear ones.

A wavering mind is a serious impediment to progress on the path. Stay steady with the decision and your progress with Sadhana, Seva, Satsang.

Be happy and confident that the progress is deeply rooted in your hands and your devotion. You can achieve whatever you decide to achieve.

The Art of Living Matrimony board of counsellors can help you with your decision. You can contact us.


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