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Wedding Shopping Tips for every Bride

One of the most exciting things about a wedding is SHOPPING. Though the process may sound fun, it is not that easy. In India, the bridal outfit varies as per the caste, religion or part of the country you belong to. Therefore, it is very important to know about the culture and tradition and other requirements for the wedding.

Here are a few tips for a bride to keep in mind while shopping;

Set a Budget

Even before you start the wedding shopping for bride decide your budget. Though it is the most important day of your life, it is not advisable to go broke after the ceremony. If you are a Telugu bride and are planning a wedding as per the Telugu Matrimony, you will have to wear a silk saree for the ceremony. Make sure avoid places that are out of your budget. You can buy an elegant silk saree in a lower range too.

Understanding different customs of marriage

India is a diverse nation; different communities have their own traditions and customs of marriage. Like the main ritual in a Bengali matrimony is Vridhi puja where the bride and groom pay tribute to their ancestors. ‘Madhuparka’ is a unique custom followed in Gujarati matrimony where groom’s feet are washed and offer him milk and honey to drink. According to Tamil matrimony the father of the bride has to perform a ritual called “Kasi Yaatrai” where he reaches out to the groom and tries to convince him to take up family life. The bride and the groom both have to understand these customs and rituals shop for everything that is required for these customs. Understanding these customs will also give them time to accept this tradition and involve in it on the wedding day.

Start Shopping 9-12 Months Ahead

Marriage is an event which requires a lot of preparations way in advance. In case of Marathi matrimony, the bride wears most striking of Maharashtrian bridal jewellery. Like the mundavlya, a unique unisex ornament worn both by the bride and bridegroom, the nath gives a Maharashtrian bride a distinct appearance. These jewellery pieces take time in the making. Likewise, the jewellery for Punjabi matrimony, Gujarati matrimony too are different. So, it is very important to start shopping 9-12 months ahead of the marriage.

Remember your wedding destination’s climate

If your wedding is going to take place at destinations in the south, make sure that you get a wedding dress that can help you bear the heat. If you are having a Punjabi matrimony ceremony you will need to wear a bridal lehenga which have layers of fabric. Make sure you opt for a thin fabric or choose a Patiala instead which will help you be in sync with the climate. On the other hand, if you have a destination wedding planned at places like Shimla then make sure you are draped well for the climate.

Plan with your fiancé

It is important for the bride and the groom to look well-matched on their wedding day. May your wedding be a Telegu matrimony, Marathi matrimony, Punjabi matrimony, or a Guajarati matrimony make sure you are colour coordinated. Planning along with your fiancé will also make you look like an ideal couple. You can even plan on shopping together to avoid the confusion.

Don’t forget your comfort for style

You might love a particular style but not necessary you will be comfortable wearing it. So, make sure you do the trials well and do not compromise on your comfort. It is not necessary to settle for the first outfit you like. You can explore at least a few options before you finally decide to finalize on that wedding dress. If you won’t be comfortable in the outfit, it can ruin your excitement and mood on the wedding day.

There are so many matrimonial sites in India, but The Art of Living Matrimony is one of the best websites as they help you throughout the process of the marriage. They also help you understand different customs and traditions that different religions follow so that it gets easier for you to plan your wedding.


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