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What is Inner Freedom in Marriage

Diwali is the festival that illuminates homes and lives. The festival of joy brings happiness and peace to each one of us. But this Diwali had bitter-sweet moments in store for me and my husband. It all started with arguments related to the color of the curtains he chose for our home and the food I cooked for my in-laws when they visited us for the celebration. And the squabble went on.

Managing your mind and soul

The center of your body is connected to your mind and soul. A disturbed mind is the cause of conflicts and disagreements in any relationship. The moment you start investing time in managing your mind consciously and reflecting the same into your relationship, life starts to manage itself. There are various techniques to calm your mind and each one can use it to their benefit. Meditation is the remedy that nurtures your mind and soul. It helps you focus on the current activity and enhances clarity. When you have a clarity of what you expect from your relationship, you naturally develop the inner freedom in marriage.

Developing Inner Freedom in marriage

If you have Inner Freedom in Marriage you cultivate joy, comfort, warmth, love, and security within you for each other. Such kind of relationship is unique, and no external force can ever move the bond the couple shares. The upsetting situations that you go through affect you both, but you need not aggravate it in an attempt to find a balance. Love and relationships should be handled delicately. Give your mind and soul the time it needs to heal.

Experiencing happiness in love and relationship

The differences I and my husband had during the festivities did not stop me from communicating with him. Nothing ever can get in between me wanting to get things back on track and reconnecting with my husband. Sufferings bring out the best in humans and the process is beautiful if you have woven your relationship with love and care. The more you pay attention to your inner self the more you bloom as a couple. All you need to do it get back to your source; even in a state of disturbance, you will experience a certain sense of happiness while being connected to your source. I never push myself or be hard on myself to make things right for both of us because I believe that our inner freedom in marriage holds the strength to achieve greater things in our love and relationship. Your capacity to learn and grow is innate. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let go because holding on to the pain and suffering is never beneficial for you or your partner.

Just after a few hours of our argument, we were sitting together enjoying the delicacies prepared for the evening as we spend quality time with our parents. Emotional ties and family bonding make you grow exponentially and strengthens your relationship. The kind of understanding in our marriage comes from the teachings of our Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji


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