Shwetamber Matchmaking Service

Sanathana Dharma has Hindu, Jains, Sikhs and more. Generally Jain Shwetamber, have a very close community and primarily run large business conglomerates. You will find many profiles from this esteemed community here on the Art of Living Matrimony website while they may travel on business and professional requirement and settle abroad they are deeply religious, intelligent with clean habits and are pure vegetarian with Jain constraints specially practiced by the elders. In the Art of Living Jain Matrimony Bureau the member profiles are primarily settled in India and abroad you will find them spread across the globe in countries such as such as Jain Shwetamber brides and Jain Shwetamber grooms generally have mother tongue as Kannada, Hindi and Marathi. You will find Shwetamber Art of Living Matrimony brides and Art of Living Matrimony Shwetamber grooms in professions such as businessman, doctor, software engineer or other major specialties such as a chemical engineer, and many industries such as the petroleum industry, automobile industry, transport industry, aerospace industry or computer hardware industry. The Art of Living Matrimony encompasses all religions and believes in one world family. Segregation of profiles by caste is only for ease of search.

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