Scheduled Caste Matchmaking Service

SC profiles are usually settled in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and so on. These people are adjusted to the climate and to the situation of their surroundings. Most of the SC/ST profiles are highly educated, working as doctors in medical ayurvedic, software engineer or other major specialties such as a chemical engineer, and many industries such as the petroleum industry, automobile industry, transport industry, aerospace industry, computer hardware industry, government and private sectors and leading life very sophisticated life. One of the major advantages of availing the service is that you can try out your chances of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe matchmaking from anywhere in the world. You can find SC/ST brides and SC/ST grooms who have registered themselves not only from India but from the various other parts of the world. The Art of Living Matrimony encompasses all religions and believes in one world family. Segregation of profiles by caste is only for ease of search.

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