They say marriages are made in heaven and we at Art of Living Matrimony are trying to bring together that someone who is made for you. We welcome you all to celebrate with us the Success Stories of the innumerable married couples who have found their dream partner through Art of Living Matrimony. We wish them the very best for a happy and successful married life.

Success Story - Matrimony

Manan Patelia & Bhagyabati Pal

Here is a couple who bonded with each other instantly, since both of them believe that family and culture are very important. Manan kick-starts this interview saying that he had always desired a lovely lady who would embrace his kith and kin with all her heart and...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Bhanu Prakash & Sushma Bollam

Yes!! It was a time when I got my promotion and felt my life was well settled. I had thrown a party for my family members. It was a small get-together and the chit-chat started with various topics and inevitably it came to my marriage! Everyone started suggesting t...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Ashok Basutkar & Priyanka Khaire

Ashok said, “I had been searching for a life partner for a long time. I met many girls through other websites, but they weren’t on the spiritual path and failed to understand me and my lifestyle! After that I got to know about the Matrimony website of Art of L...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Puneet Kumar & Kusum Panchal

In the beginning of the year i found her profile She is my true companion,the most precious gift of my life. It took some time to understand each other but then all's well that ends well. Finally we both took blessings from Gurudev and decided to spend our lives...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Nagarjun Vijay & Rini Thakur

"Marriage is where two people, whose hearts and minds are united, who care for each other and who share a sacred bond nourished by love, companionship and faith" - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji Human Beings are social beings and need good life time friendship, goo...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Shiva Prasad Achukatla & Amrutha Lakshmi

"Destiny and Gurudev's grace have their own ways " Shiva Prasad was initially living in Bangalore and Amrutha Lakshmi in Vijayawada. That was when they got acquainted through the Art of living Matrimony. Suddenly, one day he got the news that he had to move to Vi...Read More

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