They say marriages are made in heaven and we at Art of Living Matrimony are trying to bring together that someone who is made for you. We welcome you all to celebrate with us the Success Stories of the innumerable married couples who have found their dream partner through Art of Living Matrimony. We wish them the very best for a happy and successful married life.

Success Story - Matrimony

Bishwambhar Kumar *T* *N* & Garima *N*

Jai Gurudev I am very much Happy that I got my life partner in AOL Matrimony meet. I don’t have to say too mu...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Venkataraman Ramani & Dr Pranjal Gangurde

Art of living matrimony is the best place to find your life partner.As we are on spiritual path need a partner which is free from bad habits ,stress, knowledgeble, having same goals n you can achieve aim of your life together.I m so fortunate n happy that I found ...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Ishan Sinha & Shamika Gandhi

Jai Guru Dev This is a dream come true wedding with Gurudevs blessings and Bhanu Akkas blessings. Many people intuitively suggested this match. And we are very happy we found each other.

Success Story - Matrimony

Aswad Gurjar & Rutika Ghotkar

Jai Gurudev, We are extremely grateful to Art Of Living Matrimony team! Because of your hard work and commitment, finally, we have found our life partner. Marriage is crucial step in life and finding a partner who understands and who is aligned with your prior...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Rakesh Kumar & Ritu Karn

Jai Gurudev we are happily married through Art of Living Matrimony. ...Read More

Success Story - Matrimony

Rajesh & Rashmi

Jai Gurudev We are very happy to share that we are happily married since 10 years through Art of Living Matrimony. Thank you Gurudev

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