Success Story - Matrimony

VAIBHAV JOSHI & TANYA DHINGRA *GM Wedding Date: 18th June, 2019

Jai Gurudev Both of us are Gurudev's Devotee, ever since we thought of marriage we wanted to find our life partner who is in Art Of Living and is a devotee of Gurudev. With all the jingles that goes in our mind, all we knew was we have Gurudev The Best will happen! And it Happened! All we wanted a partner to support in Spiritual journey, Vaibhav for me, and Me for Vaibhav are of a kind! Thankful to Gurudev and AOL Matrimony site. "For all we know now is, We have HIS Blessings, and HIM with us!" Tanya$Vaibhav together makes, Vanya- "Gift Of God"- Gift Of our Gurudev! Thank you Art Of Living Matrimony!

Begin a blissful journey!