The Art of Living Matrimony

About Us

"Marriage - a commitment to share and serve together."  SriSri


When two people’s life goals and paths are same, it melts away any personal differences and it makes it easy to face life's challenges with a smile. It provides phenomenal strength, stability and an innate joy in living a life that is fulfilling not only for  the couple but to every life they touch.  


The Art of Living Matrimony is a platform to bring people with similar life values together. 


Today, we have thousands of happy marriages and several continue to happen through this platform. We believe in safety and trust and hence the platform provides 100% mobile verified profiles. We understand the needs of today's youngsters and the platform is built  to give members complete control through easy-to-use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential life partners.


Besides online, we have a strong  presence across India via the matrimony workshops held at multiple locations from time to time announced and registered on this website.


Our purpose is to build a better, more peaceful,world by enabling  happy families with a commitment to share & serve together!