The Art of Living Matrimony

Veer Maddipatla & D V Bhavya

Jai Gurudev Love beautifies everything and marriage unites two beautiful souls. Ours is one such remarkable love story full of togetherness'. Gratitudes to Art of Living  matrimony who helped me to search my soulmate after a lot of years of waiting. In the beginning of the year  i found her profile  She is my true companion,the most precious gift of my life. It took some time to understand each other but then all's well that ends well. Finally we both ftook blessings from Gurudev  and decided to spend our lives together. We kept meeting each other for a few months to understand each other better and finally we got engaged and made our bond stronger. She says i have changed the definition of arrange marriage for her by loving her unconditionally and giving her most precious and memorable moments. Who says love doesnt happen in arrange marriages,ours is an arrangement of love marriage. With Gurudev's grace and blessings we got married and started our new journey. I express my gratitude and thanks to Art of Living matrimony a lot to complete our story of true companionship, committment  and friendship..