The Art of Living Matrimony

Bhanu Prakash & Sushma Bollam

Yes!! It was a time when I got my promotion and felt my life was well settled. I had thrown a party for my family members. It was a small get-together and the chit-chat started with various topics and inevitably it came to my marriage! Everyone started suggesting that I register in various different matrimony websites...'so you can find your soul mate', they said. The next day, to have some peace of mind, I visited the Art of Living ashram and registered for a course. I stayed back in the ashram that night. The next day the course started and some time in between the course, I heard Guruji’s voice, saying “Marriage is commitment to share and serve together”! These words inspired me greatly. I also learnt that Art Of Living had a Matrimony website! I thought Guruji was showing me the way and this is where He wanted me to go, so I registered. I completed my profile and filled my partner preference. I searched for profiles of my kind and even though it was a tedious process, I continued religiously. It took me a while but I finally got the best! - This was Bhanuprakash's view point. Sushma said, “I started a small scale industry. I wished to support my family and wanted to continue to support them even after I got married. So I worked hard and finally the business started yielding regular profit. I was very happy. The next step in my life seemed to be to look for a life-partner.I wanted a friend for my life, one who is spiritual and a mix of traditional and modern. One of my friends said - “Register in AOL Matrimony, you will find all you expectations fulfilled there." So I registered, I did a lot of search and and I found Bhanuprakash. He was very attached to his family and that attracted my family too. Since then everything has been as if in a beautiful dream!! "