The Art of Living Matrimony

Shukul Srivastava & Anjana Makhija

When Shukul Srivastava and Anjna Makhija registered on the Art of Living Matrimony portal and began their search for a life partner, little did they realize that they were looking for the same thing - a partner who would be caring, understanding, and support them in their spiritual journey. After a good deal of searching through like-minded profiles, when they did eventually meet each other, it was as though the secret to a happy marriage had been unveiled - to have a common goal that is larger than oneself. We say this because not only were Shukul and Anjna spiritually inclined, they were also committed to sharing the knowledge they have learned, to as many as they could. This common goal created a strong bond between them, and they came together in a blissful marital union.