The Art of Living Matrimony

Hemant Seta & Richa Pareek

we got married on 4th dec,2017 at Nagpur Art of Living ashram . We both are art of living teacher. Love beautifies everything and marriage unites two beautiful souls. Ours is one such remarkable love story 'a year of togetherness'. Gratitudes to Art of Living matrimony who helped me to search my soulmate after long years of waiting. In the beginning of the year 2016,january i found another teacher who came into my life to grow in Wisdom with me. . She is my true companion,in wisdom. We got engaged and made our bond stronger. She says i have changed the definition of arrange marriage for her by loving her unconditionally and giving her most precious and memorable moments. Who says love doesn't happen in arranged marriages,ours is an arrangement of love marriage. With Devine's grace and blessings we are married and started our new journey on 4th dec,2017. I express my gratitude and thanks to Art of Living matrimony a lot to complete our story of true companionship, intimacy and friendship.