About Us

 "Marriage - commitment to share and serve together." ..Sri Sri  The Art of Living Matrimony is a platform to bring people with similar values together. Today many youngsters on the spiritual path have expressed inclination to find a partner with similar values. This provides phenomenal strength, stability and an innate joy in living a fulfilling life. Our purpose is to create a peaceful, happy world with families that have a commitment to share and serve together. 

Success Stories

Today we have thousands of happy marriages and several continue to happen through this platform. We congratulate our members who have found their life partners on this site or the matrimony workshops-Me2US. This section is devoted to the innumerable members who have found their life partners. Read about their experiences in this exclusive section dedicated to them. We wish them the very best for a happily married life together.



Matrimony Meet

The Art of Living Navratri Event    Date: Day 1 of Navratri to Day 10 Of Navratri  Bangalore Ashram call 9900038442,  To attend event register for  Gold /Platinum/AMM membership. For entry,  send a confirmation mail to Matrimony@artofliving.org after registering on the website with date and time.